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Let's SHOP!

  Hey Ladies... Where are my SHOPPERS? You know the ones whose eyes light up at the thought of a new bag! Who get goosebumps when you receive the email saying "Your item has shipped!" Are giddy when you find the exact item you have been looking for AND it is On SALE! Find pleasure in putting your outfits together! Ok, so NOW that I have your attention...Let's SHOP together! Head over to my profile & check out all of my favorite pieces and Looks! I KNOW you will LOVE it & would LOVE to know what you SAVVY Shoppers think Follow this link & search for SMOOTH_STYLING_WITH_CORINNE under the influencers tab! Smooth Styling with Corinne
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New Year Refresh

I t’s that time of year when the holidays are over our holiday Decor is put away, hopefully! Your home is clean & quiet & let’s face it- we’re stuck in the house right now due various reasons. So, it’s a great time to reevaluate and refresh. I find that if I don’t go through my things, refresh and get rid of things that I don’t need or use; think those fancy underwear that you bought that were so uncomfortable that you never wore them!  That being said- Let’s get rid of the clutter and keep the things that we feel our best in! If we learned anything in 2020 it was to live our best lives. I like to take the end of January/beginning of February as a time to go through my things. I start with the most important; my “intimates”… Meaning bras underwear pajamas and of course my robe! This week at Smooth Styling with Corinne we are going to explore all of these! We will talk about underwear/panties (I hate that word)... bras/bralettes/sports bras, pajamas- I will Share with you my fav

We CAN do this, Together!

Are you feeling uninspired by your current wardrobe? Do you struggle & dread dressing each day? Is the thought of shopping for new pieces to wear overwhelming? Do you know that you need to make a change and upgrade your current wardrobe; but don't know where to start and think that working with a stylist will be too pricey? If any of this sound like you we should talk. When we work together we... Work together to figure out YOUR style Focus on pieces & looks that fit YOUR life Work within YOUR budget Work to make shopping & getting dressed is easy, fun & exciting...& I promise YOU it is NOT at ALL PRICEY & ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! Email me at if you would like to schedule a time to chat & see if your needs & my services are a good fit

What's in My Closet...???

  I have been thinking deeply about how the "staples" of our wardrobes have changed in this past year; as most things have. It is always fun and absolutely necessary to add new trends and have fun with color, texture & pattern within our wardrobe; however, it is essential that we have a foundation for these exciting pieces to be a part of. Think of a new house- the fixtures; like the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom tile are so important as a way to show the homeowner's style & personality. However, you can't have those beautiful "add ons" without the foundation of the house in place.  The "staples" of your wardrobe are the foundation, just like the house, and the fixtures are "add ons," they add character, personality, spice! Wardrobe staples used to be boring-  Black slacks, a white button down shirt, a black shoe They have always slightly differed & evolved with the times- but 2020 definitely pushed us into a whole new wor

Oooohhh, This Is GOOD!!!!

  Well, we did it! We made it through Christmas of 2020! Next Stop- The New Year! I know it's been a rough year & we are ALL looking forward to brighter days ahead!  If you are anything like me; 2020 has changed you. Many of us have become more aware of what is important and what is not worth getting ourselves crazy about.  That being said- I have decided to launch a new offer starting in 2020! This very personalized offer is for you if you are l ooking for pieces and outfits that will upgrade your Winter wardrobe by adding pieces that are both timeless and trendy and will work together with pieces you already have in your closet;  fit your life, style & budget and make getting dresses easier and fun. If you are looking to elevate/transition your look by adding classic and fun pieces this is perfect for YOU and I am so excited for us to work together to have you loving your look and feeling GREAT! Many people have the misconception that working with a stylist is expensive a


TOP 10 HOLIDAY GIFTS OF 2020  If you are like me you are placing last minute gift orders online & some people are So Tough to shop for!  So, I have put together a quick list of my TOP TEN Holiday Gifts of 2020! I have purchased Every One of these Gifts this Holiday Season for someone on my gift list...and a few for myself too! 1.  Weighted Blanket : Perfect for Mom, MIL & grandma! 2.  Camo Tote Bag : Great gift for your Sister or BFF! 3.  Blue Topaz Earrings : For YOU!! Send him this link! 4.  Air fryer : For Mom, MIL, Sister or SIL! 5.  Blue tooth speaker : For your teenage niece, nephew, broth or BIL- or husband! 6.  Apple Watch : Perfect for The Athlete or Techie in your life! 7.  Nespresso Coffee Maker : ANYONE who loves Coffee! 8.  Ugg Slippers : Awesome for Mom, MIL, SIL, Sister, BFF! 9.  Digital Picture Frame : FOR DAD/GRANDPA BC E IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SHOP FOR! 10.  Insulated Wine bottle & cups : Any Woman on your list, except your babysitter! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Making a list, checking it twice...

Do you have a holiday shopping list? Santa should not be the only one making a list & checking it twice!  Getting & staying  organized around the holidays is a skill all to its own. As we know most Moms have what we call"Holiday Anxiety." Don't get me wrong- I know you LOVE the holidays! The decorating as a family, baking together, visiting Santa, getting the Christmas tree & decorating, drinking hot chocolate together- the whole shebang... BUT we have A LOT to do & most of that "To Do" is behind the scenes. It is the prepping, the shopping, the wrapping, the organizing that the kids, & often others, do not see.  Well, I do not need one more thing to be stressed about. I want to enjoy my hot chocolate & be able to reorganize the ornaments on the Christmas tree in peace :) and I would be LOST without my Holiday Gift Spreadsheet. I am not a spreadsheet kind of girl on the daily. I will admit that lists are my jam & I could not live with


  MY 10 FAVORITE BLACK FRIDAY SALES! My FAVORITE holiday is this week! Yup, you guessed it- BLACK FRIDAY!  Just kidding- it’s Thanksgiving!  This year the holidays will look VERY different, because EVERYTHING looks, feels and is different.  2020 has definitely been a very trying year for us all; however, it has also reminded us that we all really do have so much to be Thankful for. After spending months at home with our immediate families and missing friends and extended family now is a great time to really appreciate who we are close to physically and those we are unable to share these important holidays with due to distance, health and being cautious.  That being said this is NOT the year to get up at 2am and run to the closest mall, department store or Target for the best deals! This is the year to do what I do best- Shop from home in my  jammies, while sipping coffee...or wine, totally your call! The following Retailers are on my list for My FAVORITE Black Friday SALES... NORDSTROM

Mom Gear

I have an ongoing dialogue with Jeff about "Mom Gear." I started using this phrase a little after Charlotte was born, over 7 years ago. You see men always have "gear" and nobody questions it- technology gear, lawn gear, sports gear, water sports gear, camping gear, hunting gear...even drinking gear.  So, when I would "Need" certain things for myself, as a person- or as a Mom he was just not getting the urgency... UNTIL I came up with the comparison to his Surfboards, flippers, lawnmower, Yeti coolers, Backpacks- His gear! So, I have now coined the phrase "Mom Gear" and I have to say it is definitely helping me to get my point across! By the way- DIAMONDS are considered "Mom Gear" in my book! I put together a list of some of my go to "Mom gear," incase you are looking for some new gear for yourself or for a Mom or Special Someone one on your gift list! Direct Links to shop!  (Click on the product name & it will bring you to
"I am going to go shopping when I lose 10 pounds." "I just started this new nutrition/fitness program- once I am in the shape, and the size, I want to be I am going to buy the jeans I have been wanting." "Once I lose my baby weight I am going to go on a huge shopping haul." "I am not buying any new jeans-I have been holding onto my favorite skinny jeans and I am going to fit into them again!" I can not tell you how many times I have heard these things from friends, family, clients-I have been there- I literally worked my butt off after having my daughter 7.5 years ago. I was determined to lose my baby weight and fit into my pre-baby clothes and I did it, don't hate me. It was so much work and guess was completely unmaintainable. I stayed at that weight for about 5 months before the weight began to creep back up because...  Because it was the holidays...Because I have a family...Because I have a full time job...Because I enjoy drinki