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So, here's the thing-we all want and need friends- but making friends can be funny, especially as an adult. As kids we went to school and activities and made friends. We joined sports we loved and played outside with neighborhood kids; through these experiences- some chosen and some forced, we met our friends, our click, our people. Those friends changed and evolved through Elementary School, Middle School and High School due to likes and dislikes, styles, preferences and other aspects of growing up and changing. Then came college, which was as they say is"a whole different ball game." There we found our people due to where we were located on campus, our classes, sports, clubs and how we chose to "entertain ourselves"...let's leave it at that. Some of those young friendships, High School friends and college friends are still around. We may not see them much or talk as much as we would like, but they are friends that we know are always only a phone all away- in some cases our kids play together, which is awesome, and these people know us like no others will due to the history we share. 
So...How do we make "Adult Friends?" 
It's not as easy... I mean people are always around. At work, at the gym, the grocery store, your kids schools and sports- but how do we find our people, our tribe...our ride or die???
I have found my closest friends as an adult in the wildest of places! The picture above features three of my adult girlfriends and myself at one of our favorite restaurants. I met these three women in all different ways and they each have a different and equally important and influential place place in my tribe. 
One is my neighbor- like right overt the fence neighbor! We literally hit the Neighbor Jackpot when we moved in next to this family! They are super fun, very helpful and they love my daughter like a niece.
Another is a girlfriend that I met the day I started going to a new gym the day after I moved to Long Island. I was nervous, anxious and feeling very lost and lonely when we started chatting before a class. We clicked right away and Jeff and I bought our home in the neighborhood we are in because of our friendship with her and her husband. 
The final friend is a friend that I met through another fried (gym friend). She introduced us on the beach one day and we have been traveling, drinking wine and laughing together ever since.
These friendships are a huge part of my life. They bring me joy and I trust these women with stories of my past and new adventures of the future. They are loyal and fun and they "get me." They understand when I don't feel like leaving my house to go out for drinks and equally when I NEED to get out of my house for drinks. I met them in various ways and we are all so different- some of us are married and some are not. Some have kids and some do not. We have completely different jobs and hobbies and desires in life...What we do have in common is that we bring out the best in each other, we "get each other;" most importantly we love, respect and support each other. 
My point is that finding "Adult Friends" is very different than the friendships we formed as kids; but we're different than we were as kids, thank god- so go out and do the things that you love with the people you love, in the places you love and your people will find YOU!


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