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Asking for help πŸ’•

I have so much trouble asking for help when I need it. I don’t know if I think I’m being weak if I need assistance or if it’s a pride thing or if I feel I’m letting myself down if I can’t accomplish everything on my own. Come to think of it; it’s probably a control thing. If I ask for help I no longer have complete control over how things are happening & the overall outcome- ugh, that’s awful! Because of this I’m often running myself down, super stressed & pretty much ‘half-assing’ everything... & that sucks! 
The past few months I’ve been forced to realize that it is not in my power or reach to do everything on my own- & trying to do so makes me stressed, anxious & not a nice person to be around...somethings I need to ask for help with & somethings I cannot control no matter what. This. Is. Hard. For. Me! Like really hard- like makes me shake & cry & feel helpless hard for me. 
So, this is what I have learned while trying to navigate through this new awakening...
1. I cannot do everything by myself 
2. I do not need to do everything by myself
3. People will not love me any less if I cannot do everything by myself 
4. It’s more ok to ask for help than try to do everything on my own & have it stress me out & make me a nasty, stressed out person 
5. Once I’ve asked for help & relinquished power I must accept the outcome. 
6. Not everything in life is super enjoyable, but the things that are I need to slow down & enjoy πŸ’•


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