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I Believe in the Spirit of Christmas

My SIX year old, Charlotte, sprung the news on me a few nights ago that there was chatter in her class that there is "No Such Thing As Santa." Needless to say I nearly fell apart right there and then- I mean SIX! I thought I had at least 2 more years- To be honest; I had never even thought about this happening because I thought it was so far away ...& really didn't want to consider it At All!
So, as I sat there and listened to her tell me that the kids said things like;
"Mommies & Daddies are Santa."
"Sant isn't real." and
"There are no flying reindeer."
I was racing through my brain for answers. Here is what I came up with-
I told her that Santa is ONLY real if you believe. He only visits and bring gifts to children & adults that believe in him & the spirit of Christmas. That Santa stops bringing gifts to people who stop believing in him & the MAGIC of Christmas. I, of course, then called for Jeff to come into her room, because clearly I couldn't suffer through this with tears in my eyes all alone- Luckily, he had the exact same response as I did to her questions and the idea that Santa wasn't real.

As Jeff & I went back into our room I was equally sad as I was ANGRY!
Angry at those kids for telling Charlotte that Santa is not real.
Angry at their older siblings for telling them that Santa is not real.
Angry at their parents for not explaining the spirit of Christmas & the importance of the Magic & believing.

But then I was Sad...
Sad that these kids are growing up so fast.
Sad that their innocence is being taken away at such a young age.
Sad that our home may make this transition soon.

I then thought about it & realized that my parents NEVER told us about Santa...As a matter of fact my Mom still signs some of our gifts (My sisters & I) from Santa, at the ages of 44, 41 & 36. She never told us & we never asked. Charlotte asked because she wants us to tell her that Santa IS real!That those kids are wrong! If she really knew about Santa she wouldn't ask- she would just keep "playing along."

So, here are my thoughts... If your kids are asking- they are really asking for you to tell them that it is all up to them to believe in the Magic of Christmas. They are NOT ready to know the "truth." They want to still believe...

I remembered reading a really great letter from a parent to her daughter about Santa. It is Awesome & brought tears to my eyes- which we all know is not difficult, especially this time of year. I have attached it for you to read. I hope it has a similar impact on you as it did on me.



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