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New Adventures in 2020...MAGIC

So, here's the thing..I am NOT Crafty AT ALL- but my kid is.
I seriously, cannot draw a circle, or a straight line for that matter. I don't do paint, glitter, markers- crayons, sometimes- maybe. But Charlotte- She Loves All Things crafty & refers to herself as "An Artist," which I Adore & think is awesome! So here I am putting outfits together thinking I am all fancy, when I am not even close...So, I had an idea!

Are you Ready???
I know how to sew- Ok, I used to know how to sew & Charlotte wants to learn to sew...SO, what did I do? I bought US a sewing machine- poor kid thought we were going to get home from buying thread, or "string" as she calls it, & we were going to sew ourselves matching dresses. She also thinks that stores are going to want to sell our master pieces...I LOVE THAT! I love her ambition! Her magical imagination & the way she has a way of Dreaming SO Big!

So, here are my thoughts... When do we loose the Ambition, Imagination, Big Dreams & MAGIC that we had as kids? More importantly, WHY? Why do we loose All of that? Were we told "NO" by cranky adults who didn't live up to their dreams? Were we faced with the reality of the big bad world and we were crushed so we gave up? I don't know- I don't remember! What I do know is that I am going to foster Charlotte's dreams of painting rocks & placing them in gardens around town for other kids to find. I am going to promote her writing by buying her reams of white paper for her to write & draw on. I am going to allow her to use all of my highlighters & pens & markers to make bright Birthday, Christmas & Valentine's Day cards for every single person we know. I am definitely going to teach myself to sew, with A LOT of help from YOUTUBE, so that we will be prancing around town wearing matching sun dresses (this may not happen until the Summer of 2025- but that's ok) & foster her dream that every fancy store on the East End of Long Island will want them in their front window...bc...well...She deserves that! ALL of our kids do! They deserve us to be Super Excited about their dreams! They deserve to try all of these dreams on for size & decide which ones fit the best & pursue them.

I am Excited for 2020 & all of the FUN adventures that Charlotte & I are going to embark on together. This kid teaches me SO much- who knows what we'll be up to next! Maybe I'll even dive into some glitter...


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